Basic Makeup Items Every Women Should Have

Basic Makeup Items Every Women Should Have
Does beauty means owning lots of makeup? “No, it doesn’t”
You don’t have to own lots of makeup, but having these basic makeup items can help you look and feel your best.

There’s no more need to be worry about carrying a super heavy makeup bag, if only yours already has all the needed basic items. Let’s start by opening and exploring your makeup bag whether these items are there or not. If yes, feel free to throw other unnecessary items outside your bag; however, if no, you MUST have them for your own as soon as possible!

Basic Makeup Item #1: Foundation
One of the most important basic makeup items you can own is foundation. When deciding on a foundation, first ask yourself what type of coverage you need. During the summer, a lightweight foundation like Translucent Veil works best. This foundation does not clog pores and offers light coverage over skin. During colder months, try a foundation with more protection, like the Cream-to-Powder Foundation, which is infused with Meadowfoam Seed Oil, a rich emollient that replenishes skin with vital moisture. Also, remember to choose a foundation that matches your skin tone.

Basic Makeup Item #2: Eye Shadow Color
Draw attention to your most prominent feature, your eyes, with a complimentary eye shadow color. When selecting this basic makeup item, remember that neutral colors like grays and browns work well with any eye color.
– Women with lighter eye colors should try soft pinks or peach-colored eye shadows.
– Women with darker eye colors should try greens or plum shades.

Basic Makeup Item #3: Lip Color
The right lip color can enhance any pair of lips. This basic makeup item can come in lipstick or lip gloss form and is always an important item to have on hand. Dark complexions look best with equally deep shades like plum, wine and berry. If you have a lighter skin tone, try apricots, soft pinks and rose lip colors. The choice of your eyes color and lip color do matter. If your eyes color already dark, it’s better to put the light lip color shade; on the other hand, if your eyes color is light, it’s okay to put either light or dark lip shades.

Basic Makeup Item #3: Blush
When selecting a blush color for your cheeks, remember: your blush should look as natural as possible. Sometimes it is helpful if your blush color matches you lip color. If you have a darker skin tone, choose a burgundy or wine blush color; those with lighter skin tones may want to try pink blushes to enhance the skin.

Try imagine having only THESE THREE basic items, and be able to stay pretty all the time. How amazing it is?
The little makeup tip! Of course, you always have a freedom of choosing the colors of your makeup as you want, BUT! always keep in mind that it is better to put the color of your makeup matches with the style and the color of your dressing of that day.